Friday, January 17, 2014

Tommie Unwinds

Now this is funny, I've read this about Tommies before, how their hair fluffs up when they're happy and contracts in times of sadness or fear. Notice how this Tommie's hair has a mushroom-like fullness to it in the first panel. Also, notice how both women are dressed like amateur sleuths.


Jane Marple said...

Correction: Excuse me very much, but I am MISS Marple!

NonnyMus said...

So if Tommie's mom is so "happy", why is she bringing up mistakes made in the past?

Wouldn't she just be, you know, happy? You know, saying happy things and proposing fun activities and talking about her upcoming wedding and how happy she is with her choice??

Anonymous said...

Just how old is Tommie's mom supposed to be? 80?