Thursday, January 30, 2014

Made to Be Broken

You guys, this is like, so depressing. Margo is putting up no fight! Against the rules? What about just general cleanliness and safety...? Even Tommie seems dumbfounded that this weak argument swayed Margo. One can only hope that this is part of an elaborate plan to put Tommie in her place. Margo will go on a rule-breaking spree that Tommie could never even imagine, all designed to show her that Margo is the one who breaks the rules around here! No one else! That's the #1 rule. So Tommie, enjoy naked Margo smoking all day in the apartment, eating food that is clearly labeled "TOMMIE" from the fridge, drinking that wine you were saving for a special occasion, never changing the toilet paper roll, and leaving her dishes for you to clean. Wait, that's probably already how things go at 3G. Well, Margo will figure something out.


NonnyMus said...


This was a masterpiece of commentary! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

They need to ship the deer to upstate New York so Marty can have a pet!

Lu Ann Powers said...

Wha??!! What happened to Mar-Goh the Destroyer? Where is she? We need her!