Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Okay, I'm having some problems uploading images to blogger, so this is a special edition of LLA3G where we use our imagination. Let's see what Margo and Tommie are doing in the Land of Make Believe! (or you can always find the original strip at the Washington Post or

First panel: Tommie's all like, "I'm off to Pittsburgh, see ya!" and Margo's like "How's long will you be gone?" probably because she JUST got her housekeeper back and she's already leaving?! Also, sorry, but what's in Pittsburgh? Tommie's mother's house? Some airport English people prefer? Mario Lemieux?

Second panel: Tommie says she'll be home in four days, but she can't wait to be back in 3-G "at least for a little while more." HA HA HA oh Tommie, don't you know no one ever escapes? Your only hope is that Lord Alfred Wellsley Bloodpuddington moves in with you. And Margo wouldn't want that.

P.S. Margo buttoned her shirt up to the chin and Tommie is totally wearing a new outfit (a turtleneck-blazer combo) because you guys OBVIOUSLY made them feel uncomfortable, WAY TO GO. The Year of the Exposed Collarbone is over already.  8[

Secret message: "Am I dating myself with a Mario Lemieux reference?"


Barking Monkey said...

"Am I dating Myself with a Mario Lemieux reference?" - as long as it's not a Honus Wagner reference you're good.

Megan said...

This was great Mags! I think there is still hope for the collarbones. You'll'll all see...