Monday, January 20, 2014

In Spite

Holy cow, who knew things could move so fast in Apartment 3-G? The priest doesn't even have time to catch up with what's going on! "Uh guys, I usually like to kick things off with a prayer... guys. It can be a short prayer! I uh... -sigh- no that's fine, I'll just... grab a pew and... sit this one out. You two just... marry yourselves, I guess. By the authority vested in me, I now pronounce myself OVER IT. You may do whatever."

And who knew Marty's mom had such tude? She's exhibiting Marty-like levels of tude right here. You go, pink doily wedding dress lady.

CORRECTION: That's Tommie's mom, of course, not Marty's. Thanks, Stickler; I write faster than I think.


Barking Monkey said...

I have to confess to a certain level of disappointment - I was hoping Roy would be a lot more tweedy-muttonchop-english Colonel Mustard looking. Perhaps wearing his dress scarlet military uniform and pith helmet for the wedding.

I too was surprised by the vast sea of wedding guests. It occurs to me that perhaps Tommie is from Pittsburgh and that's why the wedding was there? Possibly those better schooled in 3G lore can explain?

NonnyMus said...

OMG, Tommie's mom stole that dress from Zoe Whazzername!! She must have seen the photos of Lu Ann wearing it and was all "I HAVE to have it!!"


mrvy said...

Please tell me that, as a first-time bride, Tommie will not have to wear a Peter Pan collar wedding dress.

Do we know that Roy is English as well as James Clifton Alesworth? Who, incidentally, we haven't yet seen. Is he one of the gray people in panel 2?

The Stickler said...

The bride sure has 'tude, but she's Tommie's mother, not Marty's.