Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Driving Miss Tommie

I'm declaring 2014 "The Year of the Exposed Collarbone" on A3G.  It's happening!

Now, commence with a week of Tommie and her mom in the plaid interior of a luxury vehicle.


Allen said...

Love DOES change everything! And it doesn't just change your choice in rental cars, no siree! It also refines your taste in underwear, silverware, balloons, meatballs, and sometimes even socks. You start to buy the Chef Boyardee cans of ravioli instead of the store brand 30 cent cans. You begin to appreciate and recognize the difference between cabbage and bok choy. You even stop combing your hair with rat bones and use one of those fancy shmancy unbreakable combs. Ah, the high life is good.

NonnyMus said...

When I first read that first panel, I read, "...and she insisted on a luxury motel". Within the context of A3-G, it made perfect sense!

Maggie said...

NonnyMus, I read the same thing! Too bad, I wanted to see what a luxury motel looked like. Maybe like a Super 8?