Friday, January 3, 2014

James Clifton Alesworth

Well don't worry everyone, he's totally white! If you were thinking Tommie's excursion to Italy would introduce someone with even a hint of swarthiness to this strip, think again. After they met their first non-English speaker, the Tommie-Mommie Amazing Race team booked it to the UK, where they met the amazing and perfect stereotype, Lord Nigel Tweedsworth Bucktoothington, Esq.


NonnyMus said...

I just can't wait to see how his Lordship's face morphs!

[One of my 'prove you're not a robot' words was "Lord"!]

Roy said...

But isn't Margo's real mother all the diversity we need?

Anyway his silly Englishness will be a relief when we learn that he is an imposter trying to gain some advantage by seducing poor Tommie. Hopefully he will say "crikey" at some point, probably in June.

Roy said...

Also Tommie's mother wanted to go to England to see Big Ben? Wow Tommie is possibly an improvement when it comes to the Thompson family.