Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chicken Soup For The Soul

There's something comforting after a long day braving the polar vortex seeing the girls of A3G are reunited and up their old tricks. Tommie is unfailingly optimistic, Margo is revealing her secret judgments about your family and Lu Ann is smiling vapidly in the background for no reason. Everything is falling into place.


NonnyMus said...

Everything is falling into place where women get - or try to get - emotional rescue from men and marriage is all that matters! Tommie's mom is proof. She used to be sad and now she's happy because she's getting married! Everything is falling into place!

Nostradamus said...


Tommie's marriage actually occurs. I know, bare with me. She moves out.

Cole suddenly dies because Dr. Two-Face's placebo surgery only made Cole feel good about his hair.

Marty moves in and Margo sets ground rules. Hilarity ensues.

Maggie said...

"Everything is falling into place" is like the weirdest way Margo could describe this situation. "Lu Ann's boyfriend just moved away, her one student just ditched her art program, and pretty sure that $1,000 grand prize from the governor has pretty much been spent. As for me, not sure if I work any more, but I sure did eff up my relationship with a movie star! And I still live with you two rubes. Yup, seems like everything is falling into place."