Thursday, January 2, 2014


Maggie so kindly did a thorough review of 2013 for us, but my summary of the time between Christmas and New Years will be less thorough and hilarious because I'm not as kind, so here you go:

Zoey Ziggler and Governor Trog got engaged! ZOMG! Lu Ann didn't care at all, because COLE.

Lu Ann told Margo that she felt like she would never see Cole again (so put a bow on that storyline, because even men who get engaged to these women are never seen again), then proceeded to tell him they would keep in touch through phone and email and then they kissed. So, you know, no chance of them ever seeing each other again.

Tommie came back, all of a sudden! And look, now she's engaged! (...engaged in some kind of silly prank, because who would want to marry Tommie? Or engaged in a dangerous scam, because really, who would want to marry Tommie?)

Also, the Professor is back and he looks different! And I thought at first maybe he was Tommie's gentleman friend from Italy, but nope, it's the Professor! Of course, he has white hair, so that's the only clue I should have needed (but I had to go back a day or two just to make sure).

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to another crazy year.

(PS and Happy Birthday to Megan!)

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